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Nobody Likes Me

Nobody likes me

It's all my fault

Nobody likes me

Nobody likes me

Oh yes we all like you

We like you a lot

Yes we all like you

Yes we all like you

I never get a letter

We have no time

Never ever get a call from you

I have no dime

Oh yes you do

Oh no we don't (x 3)

Yes! No! Yes! No! (etc.)

Never call, never write

Yes I do always try

Make me cry all the night

Sorry I made you cry

Make me sad, Make me mad

Tell me true, what can I do?

Way too late can't cant make up

All the late has built up

Ha ha ha ha aaah

Right we all like you

We like you a lot

We like all your family

We like your dog Spot

Even Spot?


Элис Купер

Nobody Likes Me / Элис Купер

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