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Элис Купер Элис КуперРок-исполнитель

Luney Tune

I slipped into my jeans

Lookin hard and feelin mean

I took a spit at the moon

It's all in this luney tune

Just a little insane

A couple shots, I can't feel no pain

Hey, where have I been?

And who are these scary men?

Is this all real?

Is this all necessary?

Or it this a joke?

Many know I don't regret at all

They locked me up for good

Pinned me against the wall

I can't find the exit

I quit lookin for doors

I stole a razor from the commissary

I just couldn't take it no more

I'm swimmin in blood

Like a rat on a sewer floor

No longer insane

Just part of this crazy dream

Элис Купер

Luney Tune / Элис Купер

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