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Джон Денвер Джон ДенверАмериканский кантри-певец

Jimmy Newman

This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the take me to tomorrow album, and has also been released on the this is john denver album.

Get up jimmy newman the moming is come
The engines are rumbling
The coffees all brewed
Get up jimmy newman
There's work to be done

And why do you lie shore still sleeping
There's waiting line fomming
To use the latnne
And the sun is just opening the skys
The breakfast their serving
And you've only to opon your eyes

Get up jummy newman my radios on
The news is all bad
But it's good for a laugh
The tent flap is loose
And the peg must be gone
You lie there still sleeping

Get up jimmy newman
They won't take my word
I said you sleep hard
But there shaking their heads
Get up jimmy newman
And show them you heard
Ah jimmy just show them your sleeping
A joke is a joke but there's nothing to gain
I might slap you but i'm
To weak to nse
Get up dam it jimmy
Your missing the plane
And you've only to open your eyes
And you've only to open your eyes
Oh my God jimmy
Open your eyes

Words and music by tom paxton

Джон Денвер

Jimmy Newman / Джон Денвер

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