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Элис Купер Элис Куперрок-исполнитель

Changing Arranging

I'm changing, arranging

Things I never thought I'd move before

I'm changing, arranging

To your personality I asked for it before

I need a soul who never say what I feel

Just fearing that I will accept the ideal

I lick the pie and I sweat all I see

It's a carbon copy image of me

I'm dying had trying

Baby, baby, for the rest of my life

I'm trying had dying

Maybe, maybe he's trying to be my life

I've got a never ending battle inside

Just trying to rectify my personal pride

I swear I don't know what it's got over me

But I know it doesn't want to be free

Элис Купер

Changing Arranging / Элис Купер

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