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Элис Купер Элис КуперРок-исполнитель

Bad Place Alone

I'm a creature of the street

And I rip off all the money

I was kicked in the teeth

Shoved face first through a window

I got a gangland name

And a teardrop tattooed eye

They call me Little Caesar in the brotherhood

of crime

I know about the pain

Dyin' in an alley with an

air-conditioned brain

I know, it's for real

Flatlined in an ambulance

Without a pulse to feel


Hey blood brother, you're one of our own

You're as sharp as a razor

And as hard as a stone

Hey blood brother, you're bad to the bone

You're a natural killer

In a bad place alone

They call me Smoky Joe

And I'm as thin as a coroner's needle

I got a pocket full of rocks

Man, I shake like a cold chihuahua

I got a runny nose

And a road map on my arm

I blew my gig pokin' 'round the gallery

With someone else's rig

I know, I understand

I watch my body hauled off

By the local garbage man


We're cool, we're cold

We're stiff, we're tagged

We're slabbed, we're croaked

We're whacked, we're cracked

We're smoked and cured and

slammed and slurred and

sliced and diced and put on ice

Cooked and stewed and badly brewed

And splattered once or twice

Элис Купер

Bad Place Alone / Элис Купер

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