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Breathe In, Breathe Out


Yo, yo, yo, yo


Breathe in (breathe in) breathe out (breathe out)

Do the chickenhead go on let it out

Breathe out (breathe out) Breathe in (breathe in)

Put ya back in and let ya knees bend

Breathe in (breathe in) breathe out (breathe out)

Do the monastery go on let it out

Breathe out (breathe out) Breathe in (breathe in)

Put ya back out and let ya knees bend

[Verse: Ali]

Somebody move, nobody get hurt

This is official, man, only dance flo' experts

And party animals and me being a rhyme cannibal

Flamable Hannibal while it's bangin' it's understandable

Now back to somebody movin' nobody get hurt

My intentions on this one is the party wait up fa' sho

Now go to work and do the chicken (buh kah)

Do the chicken, and once you do it's cookin'

Believe me dirty it's kickin' through the door

Throwback Vokal valore

I see me a do it fresh off tour, head to the floor

Take it round, round, chickenhead breakin' it down

Created by my town the monastery is found

Or the Casino like Nino, I'm that nigga can see low

Prob' movin' all black, white, la-latino

There will be no extra space to waste

Pick up the pace, see your heart rate

And if you start to hyperventilate


[Verse: Ali]

Right now, I hope you wit me

I'm a Wizard like Chris Whitney

When doin' it law breakin' the people won't come get me

First, ladies put ya drink by ya purse

Fellas tuck in ya shirt and put in biblical words

Sayin', ladies get ya dip right and ya hip right

Fellas ya betta find that and get behind that

Third, you can do it, shaken or stirred

Slow up per word and flap like a bird

Fo, do it some mo', five, make sure it's live

Six, ladies and fellas here we go now, SWING!

Seven, laid back like you lookin' for heaven

Let ya body preach like we in church and you the reverend

Eight, if you made it this far, dirty you straight

If not, you better practice and get it fo' it's too late

Nine, is this the time to prepare for the dime?

Ten: start all over again!


[Verse: Nelly]

Yo, who got that, that fire?

That fire, I can't lie a'

I need that, that fire

Cause' nothin' else will do (ooh ooh)

Pass me that, that fire

That fire, I can't lie a'

I'm gon' off, that fire

Cause' nothin' else will do (ooh ooh)


It's like that party feel, 'Cris and Bakardi appeal

Fo' real nobody killin', so what, like a naughty wheel

Like Pac say, I got mine, gotta get yours

Take it lower than ya did before, control the floor

You can be county or city, ugly or pretty

Don't trust the tig ol' bitties, only do five to fifty

Now breathe in, breathe out

If ya got it goin' then show me what you about


Breathe In, Breathe Out /

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