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Wiggle Wiggle

[Chorus: Nelly]

Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle

do your thug thizzle we'll make it

Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle

do your thug thizzle we'll make it

Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle

do your thug thizzle we'll make it

Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot, wiggle wiggle

do your thug thizzle we'll make it

[Verse 1: Kyjuan]

I really hate to see her leave but I love to see her walk off

Imagine what her *oooo* looks like with her clothes off

I'm rolling with the top off, see tops come off

When the streetlights go off I heard shots go off

I'm a humble show-off I'll be beating when I roll off

Pumping Jill Scott number seven in front of the seven-eleven

Grab some magnum protection gonna be some sexin'

Wrap some hemp and L's its gonna be a session

She stressing the fact that we gotta stay at the best western

I ain't cheap and that's on everything

Put her pants to her knees don't take off everything

I pay for her chains staying near her cain's

Sipping on her cane I'm forgetting everything

My name Kyjuan, yeah Kyjuan left none

Boy she wouldn't have been with me if you wouldn't have left her

I left her sexed her stressed her and left her


[Verse 2: Murphy Lee]

My sex steno cus I'm taxing it I smack it a little

Stir it up like mother fuckin coffee then back to the middle

Lift over some pounds some way my hitters nod away

You damn near caught a Charlie-horse to make your dick stay in the hole

Oh we fuckin now pumping like all my pow

Ass up face down I'm going to town

Round and round here I go pumping for nothing

Cus she wiggle and wiggle and wiggle just know when I'm coming

I'm like *Ohhhh* I can't take it no more

Move it one more time and watch my knees buckle

She tip drip type quit to get her dirty, hype, and aroused

Always see her nipples through her blouse *Owwww*

Watch it wiggle just like the Harlem dance

Look at all that ass in those *itty-bitty* pants

Damn, hey Ms. Parker I make that ass come on down like Bob Barker

[Verse 3: Nelly]

Baby girl shake it like a paraplegic please believe it (Wooo)

Knees bent, and back arched just how I need it

Call her "Billie Jean," I like the "Thriller" before I "Beat It"

Conceded when she shake it but I like it like that

Throw it at me even harder just to see me react

See if it's wack, in fact see what Nelly about

I thought that ass was a fluke until I went to her house

You see mama got ass too, her sister Keesha and Sue

Her cousins, aunts and nieces start walking in by two

Like who's trying to keep they composure now

I'm feeling it can't nobody hold me down

Nobody told me how crazy groupies and coochies can get

In the back side under the stage trying to hit

And I'm like "Baby girl I ain't that kind of guy"

Let me at least let me go get a condom I ain't trying to die

I might be high but I'm not that damn high!


[Verse 4: Ali]

Oh lord my dick hard call the nurse (why?)

It's getting worse fat asses I gotta flirt

It was me Mo and Murph, Kyjuan was with his earth

Playing pussy it hurt, smoking, passing the smirks

Popping bottle after bottle I'm like "Here we go again"

Posting it up in the club thinking "Is he got a win"

My chrome shoes went from Barry to Larry Hughes

Emmitt's 22's now its Jordan's I cruise

But anyway Fo Sho I'm from the show me let me show you

To drunk and out of town trying to kiss you like I know you

In the middle of the dance floor caught the man's attention

Wiggle Wiggle do your thug's hydraulic suspension

Did I mention long Ohhh, "What the fuck is going on?"

Your body banging ma' I got to take you home

Cool lets break, to the house on the lake

Man this is great I'm dealing with high stakes

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Wiggle Wiggle /

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