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Лейла Али Лейла Алипрофессиональный боксер, дочь Мухаммеда Али



Uh uh, Ali and Murphey

Uh uh, School Boy with the College Boy

And ah, and ah..

[Hook: Murphey + Ali]

Ali and Murphey is.. bourgeois baby

If it ain't ghetto.. it don't move me baby

Got a lake, a pool.. and a jacuzzi baby

But it's still McDonald's.. and a movie baby

That's so crazy!



I'm at the bar, industry party, caviar

Denim suits, superstar, Cigarello cigars

Spittin bars to this footer in stilettoes

She boughetto, that mean she bourgeois and ghetto

Bourgeois cuz her shoes alone cost a grand

Ghetto cuz she cuss too much and talk with her hands

She say she don't fuck wit rap since Mase got saved

But baby got back like mace got spray

You know the bourgeois type, ass boombastic

Mabelline queen, titties all plastic

Niggaz front with they tank on empty

Pay cash for e'rythang cuz the top off her Bentley

I roll the truck slow, the gas; I ease on it

I got a trailer on the back, four-wheeler with D's on it

Got the leather with the G's on it, gangsta gangsta

Gotta get it get it good and...

[Hook: Murphey + Ali]

[Hook 2: Ali + Murphey]

If you got an expensive weave - That's boughetto!

Spend six hundred on weed - That's boughetto!

Benz while ya sittin on D's - That's boughetto!

Tell em what's boughetto - Bourgeois and ghetto!

[Murphey Lee]

Yo Murph' is bourgeois - School boy; ghetto

What more can I say? I'm boughetto

Aiyyo I'm beautif-hetto, that's beautiful and ghetto

I got plenty war stories, plenty hood medals

Did alotta wrong with alotta good fellows

But I got my shit together (Hello!)

I took my hustlin ways from them scufflin days

To eight million copies on my resume

I moved right out the hood, cuz I don't like the hood

I tell all my people to think twice in the hood

The police; man they don't even like us

Cuz they got Spud in Booneville, 'Trelle up in Riker's

And I just like what the money can get

A little head e'ry now and then so honey can spit

Chrome tips, a hundred an forty four of them shits

And a big ass crib cuz...

[Both Hooks]


A boughetto pimp juice and I know it cause I come to party

late, smellin like weed, no matter who throw it

I'm in the curl cap, didn't get paid but done a rap

Dem ain't Rolex diamonds - what the fuck you done to that?!

Throwin trash out the Benz on the highway

But the old school still spillin all in the driveway

And if it stop, never a towtruck pull me home

Fuckin I keep the socks, had the jewelry on

I'm like a pimp in the 80's, a Reverend Run

Preachin it to em, gassin em up like Chev-e-ron

Got the D's the beeps and the televis-ion

And my Sprint (Brrrrr..) like a boughetto telethon

But I'm bourgeois forever cuz I got it to spend it

Ghett-o, put rims on the car that I rented

Trump money, but it's still the motel and Kyjuan

And Slo and Nelly and...

[Both Hooks] - 2X

[Murphey + Ali]

Ali and Murphey is..

Bourgeois baby.. Bourgeois baby..

Bourgeois baby.. Bourgeois baby..

Ali and Murphey is.. bourgeois baby

That's boughetto.. bourgeois baby

That's boughetto.. bourgeois baby

That's boughetto.. bourgeois and ghetto...

Лейла Али

Boughetto / Лейла Али

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