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Uh La La La

To all the people all around the world

Uh la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la


Uh la la la I love you baby

Uh la la la la love me tonight

Uh la la la I love you baby

I, I got your love, you got my mind

Can take my hands but you won't take my life

Don't waste my time bring me your love

And baby you can be mine


I never wanted this could happened to me but I feel

You love is right and I will always be there yeah


You got to be a friend, got to be right

Don't hurt me boy then I will say goodbye

Don't bring me down, don't stand so close

Oh baby don't fool around



You know baby gotta love me tonight it's so right

'Cause you baby you know you make it right

My blod pressure rise high I'm got hype

I don't know why I know you think I'm obsessive

The type or guy I can be over possesive

Giving all that I can give best wishes

On how we live just us two is I really true

Love me tonight till the sky turn blue

Tonight is the night so tell me what you wanna do



Love me tonight

Uh La La La /

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