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Culture souvenier shop

Lying on the chopping block

World wide space wide

In a small house wife

Motor bike horse ride

In the general market

Imagination gun is playing on the tv

It's falling away

It's falling away

Sunrise darkness in an empty lunchbox

(The world is so big the world is so small)

There's a cold man can you give him a blanket

(Can you give him something, can you give him some)

War isn't everything but complex economics

(It's just a day of numb, it's just a day away)

Underline gender in the new pop culture

(I'm just a boy living in a girl's world)

It's alright, it's alright, but it's so long

To pretenders in the new scene

To the falling of your head

Well it's alright, well it's alright

But it's so long

Falling so far

Gender /

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