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On Top Of Old Smokey

On top of old Smokey-ey-ey

All covered in snow

I lost my true lover

For a courtin' to slow

Now courtin's a pleasure-ure

And partin's are grief

But a false hearted lover

Is worse than a thief

A thief he will rob you

And take all you have

But a false hearted lover

He will lead you to the grave

And the grave will decay you-ou-ou-ou

And turn you to dust

There's not one man in a million

A poor girl can trust

For they hug you and squeeze you

And tell you more lies

Than on the cross ties on a railroads

Or the stars in the sky

Come all you young ladie-ie-ie-ies

And listen to me

Never spread your affections

On the green willow tree

For the leaves they will wither-er-er

The roots they will die-ie-ie

You'll all be forsaken

And you'll never know why

On top of old Smokey-ey-ey-ey

All covered in snow-ow-ow-ow

I lost my true lovin' ma-a-an

For a courtin' to slow

On Top Of Old Smokey /

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