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Faded Novelty

What are you gonna do when the novelty has gone ?

First you stabe me in the back and then you take a run,

I knew it was too good, to be fucking true,

Shall I hang myself until my face turns fucking blue ?

But you can stick your super-man ideal up your fucking arse,

I know it wasn't meant to be, but I do fucking care,

I can't change the way I was put on this fucking Earth,

I thought you were accepting me, but in reality you see me as dirt,

The times we spent together, oh man they felt so real,

When I looked into your eyes, love was all I could feel,

But know it seems to be a farce,'cause now you turn your head,

But I hope you'll still remember me, when I'm fucking dead...


Faded Novelty / Agathocles

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