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Mannish Boy

Mamma hasn't take one
Oh ooo yeah
Whoo ooh ooh yeah
Everything's gonna be alright this mornin'
Now bust it
Ow wah
Wow wowwa wowwa...
When I was a young boy
While about at the edge of fire, I think
I had a seartin' kinda problem
People along the vocal line
Now I'm a man I made 21
You now baby, we'll have a whole lot of fun
Cause I'm a man, spendin'
Hey, child little boy
Guess where I am
Amm a...
Dididdy diddy...
All you pretty woman
Standin' around
I'll make love to you
All this time
I'm not sure
You'll never miss
The way I make love
Miss harris
Cause I'm a man
I swear I'm the only
Oh me
Little child, now
Oh me
Littl child
Anna na na na
Doodoodoo doody...
Uh uh an uh uhha...
'cause I'm a man..
'cause I'm a mannish child
'cause I'm a mannish child
I said I'm a mad villian
I said I'm a man babe
I said I'm a man
Yeah baby
I'm goin' down south
To kansas too
I'm going to bring back my second cousin, little john, we call him blue
Cause I'm a man
What fun we had
Chasen rabbits
In the sand
Hey hey hey...

Джими Хендрикс

Mannish Boy / Джими Хендрикс

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