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Hot Mango Flush

Hot mango flush.
Ladies with ice cream hair -
Gyroscopic pink neon beams -
Everybody's happy about something.
The crowd moves like a flock of startings: they
Switch direction as one.
Jive on the jukebox - jack and joker
Split the night air with whoop and holler.
Faint aroma - wood smoke, old fish,
Diesel harbour, roadside mongrel,
Painted man with buttons barely
Holding, bursting belly bulging.
Doe-eyed ragamuffin mumbling -
Scolded for some vague infraction.
Stole a penny candy-coloured
Sweetheart kiss down at the market.
Down at the market all the world
Seems to simmer:
Hot mango flush.

Jethro Tull

Hot Mango Flush / Jethro Tull

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