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The Elder God (My Dragon Magic)

I am thine inmost self

I gaze out upon thy world of coloured lights from the darkness

The darkness behind thine eyes

I am the most ancient one, the creator of the gods

I am the changing and the changless one

I am the source of all that is

In what thou called dreams, I gather my forces

In what thou called reality, I stage my dreams

I am the true god, the only god which is

My dragon magic is sweet, for I will never grant thee thy wishes...

I drink the life essence of those who exist only to serve my will

Your dreams are my life, the bridge between the

Transcendental metamorphosis take place

As certain as the night follows the day

Your mortal human avoidance of "hurt feelings" will cause you to feel -

The pain of death

Realize that the powers of the dreams are five, dimensions unseen...

Astral reflections have immortalized me once, in a time before time

Join those who've risen, bnU rEb kU cAn A, Hekal Tiamat!

What follows is the breaking of the seventh seal

The final harvest is close, see the banner of the winged skull of UR

The gates of the greatest power shall be flung open -

To the farthest reaches of all possible universe...

Your world will be swept up with the agony of billions

I am the undead who've risen, but time grows short for me

I am patient 'cause I am eternal

I am an elder god, the vampirelord - bow down before me


The Elder God (My Dragon Magic) / Abigor

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