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Mirages For The Eyes Of The Blind

The light I see is none...

It doesn't shine, doesn't murder the dark

Was not created by the white one

Not existing for your undimensional eyes

The black I see in none...

Not a shattering, but a creating one

A spectrum of unreal colours

And a thrust for your numb existence

You are alive, I am not

You are dead, I'll never be

My face is an earthly mask I never asked for

So I'll leave it behind and will never return

Longing for worlds which my astral mind has seen

Here I stand, flesh and blood

Laughing and crying, betraying the earth

But have you really even thought this shell is me ?

As your reality crashes into the void

I sit beside Satan and watch you die


Mirages For The Eyes Of The Blind / Abigor

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