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Dawn Of Human Dust

A newborn day waits to surrect

But what will cover dawn?

Neither begging nor pleading will find ears

When all the angel hordes have gone to war

For a final twisted dance

A twisted dance into death

Writhe within the emptiness

Writhe because there lurks endless pain

To satisfy our brothers slain

To satisfy our sisters drained in flames

The dark age shall rise again

And ten for one we will revenge what has been done

Bathe in flames to clean your souls

Your silent screams guide your eternal fall

One another you will tear

Your flesh out of your bodies burnt by fear

Now keep your breath and feel inside

Can you feel... it's the time

Is this judgement day?

We feel the signs supporting us

But shall the moonlight bathe again our midnight prayers

To reach the aim we're longing for

To rise up from the human dust we dwelled this earth

The trust in us and victory

Drives us against our enemy

Our kingdoms we are dreaming of

And hoping gives us sense to be

So let us bring an end to this

And lead the first hit to the faces

Of the crowds out of the light

For broken now lies all their might

From all directions coming in trembling with fear

The herd of God sentenced to death

I lead the first sword strike to eternity

You cannot flee from certain death

When dawn has come this final day pass with your dying breath


Dawn Of Human Dust / Abigor

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