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Blood and Soil

This soil is dripping

With the blood of angels

I can almost touch

Their hands through the ground

My eyes are filled with pride

For this land of the dead

Is the precious gift of my father

No mortal value can buy such a treasure

Which I cherish in my heart of hearts

Father - Satan with fangs stained in blood

Smile to my naive dreams

This unhallowed ground

Secret sanctuary of my thoughts

Where I walk hand in hand with death

Upon blood and soil

Oh, don't mind any pain

It gives me wisdom

My rage is my strength

It gives me might

But something inside me seems to be lost

Is there hope for the blood of life?

Or will I always fly alone..

Those who are in Hell

Hallowed be thy name

This is for you who made me what I am

For the storm that tries

To shake my roots

Is just the breath of the dying god

Who once ruled heaven

But he won't succed

As long as I stand true to my ways

And even I am alone

I can't remember what I'm missing


Blood and Soil / Abigor

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