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Look in the darkness

see the fire burning bright

A shadow flickers

an unholy light

Watch the little children

their drems brought down

Run to hideaway

of the shame that they found


On their world is filed with hell

Oh the children

Searching for an answer to tell

Emotion runs in their blood

Oh the children

Straight to their head the spell begun

They give no thought

to the way of life

Walking a path

with many lies

An evil image

remaining in their mind

Stonewalling down

till the end of time

Oh the past will stalk until...

Oh the children

Judgement has been fulfilled

Broken hearts left in the cold

Oh the children

But keep the faith remain bold

Don't leave your young ones

like a fawn in a field

Beware the danger

to be left unhealed

Never trust a stranger

by believing in a fool

Protect your children

Oh the world is cruel




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