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No Me Ames

Not you love me (duet with marc anthony)

Of happiness
And because you drown
By the solitude
I gave because myself you take
Strong also, my hands
And your thoughts
They go carrying
I want you so much
And because to be
Crazy stubborn
Not you doubt it but
Although in the future
There be an enormous wall
I am not afraid
I want to court me
Not you love me, because think
That seem different
Your not you think that is the just thing
To see to pass the time together
Not you love me, that I understand
The lie that serious
If your love I deserve
Not you love me, remain you another I gave
Not you love me, because I am lost
Because change the world, because it is the destiny
Because is not able, we are a mirror
And your so serious what I of me reflected
Not you love me, for to be dying
Inside a full war of resentments
Not you love me, to be in ground, I want to raise
The I return
With your great love by the blue one of the heaven
Not itself that to tell you, that the truth
If the people wants, knows to injure
Your and I we will leave
They do not move
But in this alone heaven not you leave me
Not you leave me, do not leave me
Not myself listen, if I tell you not you love me
Not you leave me, not disarmaments
My heart with that not you love me
Not you love me, to it request
My bitterness you leave me
You know well, that not I am able
That is inutil, that always I loved you
Not you love me, therefore you hare to suffer
With this heart that itself ileno of thousand
Not you love me for as to forget you of your gave
I want that you love me alone by loving me
Not you love me, your and I we will fly
One with the other and we will follow always
This love is like the sun that leaves after of the
Com two comets in the same one being it
Not you love me
Not you love me
Not you love me
Not, not you love me
Not you love me
Not you love me
Not you love... me

Дженнифер Лопес

No Me Ames / Дженнифер Лопес

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