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Living The Dreams

living the dream

Where have you been all of my life?

Where have you come from?

Is this your first time too?

It's like i've known you in some other lifetime

We're apart of the great plan.

Like two stars that shine

I stood here watchin' , while it only happened to friends

Now i don't have to pretend


I can't believe we're living the dream

We're digging that scene, we finally made it through the fire

Something 'bout you blows me away, like night over day

We kissing the loneliness goodbye yeah

True love, true love, and baby could this be

True love, true love happening to me?

I've been waiting all of my life,

Anticipating with every dream every night

Destiny's a moment we all share in time, love is the message

And i know i've got mine.

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Living The Dreams / A1

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