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Its All About You


"I spent this whole year, doin' my thang, just thinkin' bout me, but that's about to change,

cause this year it's all about you, baby"

[Verse 1:]

I made a lot of promises last year I guess

And though I didn't keep them all, a few I kept

I even made a few decisions that I now regret

And for the New Year, ooh dear, this is gonna be the best one yet,

Cause it's all about you this year


This year, everything is all about you

This year, you're part of everything I do

This year, if there's anything you want, all you gotta do is ask

This year, you come first, everybody else comes last

[Verse 2:]

There were times when you didn't know where I was at

(so you'd call)

I'd see your number on my cell knowing well I need to holla back

(but I'd stall)

Any other guy would leave if they were treated like that

It was no parade but you stayed, so this year it's a wrap

It's all about you this year

[Repeat Chorus]


I didn't mean to diss you babe

Ignore or dismiss you babe

Hear me out and listen babe

This year and more is yours

Cause you deserve better than this no doubt

We got a few minutes til this year runs out

So listen dear, we've shed our last tear this year

[Repeat Chorus]


Its All About You / 3LW

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