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Shady Holiday

[Verse 1:]

My mama told me that you was kinda bad

She said a guy like you ain't my kinda man

She said that you was trouble

And you wouldn't have my back

But the way you had me goin'

From the jump you was my man

[B Section:]

As the snow comes down

You're nowhere to be found

What am I to think?

The way you doing be

Santa be letting me down


Shady Holiday

He just won't go away

Guess this love is here to stay

Cause I love my

Shady Holiday

[Verse 2:]

Yo mama told me you was no good, wouldn't last

But when I'm with you, wanna lick my lips and say damn

Cause I can't imagine what I'd do without you

Even though sometimes I think

That I'm not happy with what I have

[Repeat B Section and Hook Out]


Shady Holiday / 3LW

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