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No More (remix)


3LW - No More (Remix)


feat. Nas


Everyday she walk by

See me on the same block

Same crew, like she never seen rocks

Chain watch, rims blue

Different color boots on, park Yukon

You predicates ex-cons, rip arms, bettin' chips

Puff medicine play my gangsta beats

Tunnel bangers, Flex, Clue tapes bang in the streets

I'm just a fly, thuggish baller shorty anxious to meet

Till I die keep wanting to head mink to the feet

But shorty jail bait, might get me five to life

Maybe in time you can be Nas's wife

Place school, study law

I'mma pay your tuition

Come on campus, buy you books

Do your babysitting

My unusual style make your future unwild

When you get older I'mma bless you with a child

See now you was unaware that this thug had affection

Let me be your angel and I'll be your protection

1 - [3LW]

It's either you will

Either you won't

Sometimes you do

Sometimes you don't

Sometimes it's yes

Other times it's no

But I can't take it no more

Take your wrong and make it right

Just say you can make up your mind

Is it serious or isn't it?

Cause I can't take it no more

Make 'em clap to this...

Baby, baby you keep

Putting things before me

But I was there for you when you had nothing

So baby, baby

Basically it's them or me

Now or never

Give me all or nothing

Repeat 1

Make 'em clap to this...

Baby, baby

You keep telling me you're changing

You promise you will be a better man

But no soon as you see your peeps

There you go switching out on me

And we're back at square one again


Don 3, can't get with me

Y'all just a child-child

Maybe I can get you with little Sammie and Bow Wow

Please girls try to understand me now-now

Like my little sisters I'mma hold you down-down

Got the whole world in your hands

Three little woman got these young boys tryna be their man

Do your thing shorty but if they get disrespectful

Get on your cell phone call big brother Esco

Now let's go


Cause all this back and forth

In and out, ups and downs

Is beginning to wear me out

See you gotta tell me now

Tell me now

Don't wait till the end

It's either me or your friends

Yeah, yeah, yeah


Remix, Trackmasters, Remix

Remix, Precision, Remix

We about to make ya clap to this

Remix, uh

Repeat 1 till end


No More (remix) / 3LW

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