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More Than Friends

Thats right...thats right


Sometimes i wish we were more than just friends, i know that i'm dreaming

cuz your crazy about her

sometimes i wish all the time that you spend with her was with me instead

i wish we could be more than friends

its time to let you know just how i feel, about you baby,

you drive me crazy.

If she ever let you go, than you know the deal,

boy you would be mine 'till the end of time...


This is a dream, over and over,

i can see us walking and holding hands

you and me, closer and closer,

if everything was different you'd be my man


Waking up in the morning each day,

I think of you and how I wish i were that special girl in her place

and everytime you see me with a smile on my face

i just can't help but wish for the day...




More Than Friends / 3LW

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