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I Need That (I Want That)

ft. Lil' Kim

[Intro: Kiely]

Haha, 3LDub baby, A Girl Can Mack

[Verse 1: Kiely]

Yo, if you don't like expensive things

Then you can bounce if you don't wanna get it together

You could be out, 'cause I'm all about gettin' them things

From the truck to the house, to the gear and them rings

No doubt, coulda done it but ain't no hoe for you

Now I try to tell you but all you do is sit around

It takes more than hope and a dream

I got a mean team puttin' in work to get the cream, what

[Chorus: Lil' Kim (3LW)]

Money and hot rides (I need that)

The platinum and shine (I need that)

The house and the gear (I need that)

I'm sayin' baby (I... want... that...)

[Verse 2: Adrienne (Kiely)]

Life can turn you in so many different directions

Then I got a mind to win

(Can't remember why I got with you)

I want everything, but I need to stay realistic

I'm gonna live this dream

(From hear on out, that's what I'm about)

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3: Adrienne (Kiely)]

Boy I feel for you, you think you have it real easy

You don't even have a clue

(Can't remember why I got with you)

I'm gonna do my thang, sorry if you feel rejected

You need to do the same

(From here on out, that's what I'm about)

[Bridge: 3LW (Lil' Kim)]

I need these things, you can't supply me

It's too easy, for you to stop tryin' (Uh-huh)

Get off your feet, do it for yourself (Let's do it)

I can't stick around with shady feelings

(Lil' Kim, Queen Bee, 3LW)

[Verse 4: Lil' Kim]

Jackpot, goodness gracious the papers

Where the cash at, where the stash at

Nigga pass that, up the bonds and stocks

And the canary yellow D flawless rocks

Introducing the Lil' Kim Shepard Watch

I'm on fire, 'bout to turn it up a notch

Keep ya yacht, I want ships inside my estate

With FullForce written on the license plate

Heliports and helicopters with gold propellers

Tryna have more cheese then mozzarella

I need stables, there's only one way to live (What's that?)

Horseback ridin' in the back of the crib

Two Indian braids like the Navaho

Yippi iy ya, yippi iy yo

Make this money, take this money

Ain't no way you gonna take this from me, ow

[Chorus 2x]

[Breakdown: Adrienne (Kiely)]

Uh-huh, (I... want... that...)

If you don't want that baby, then you can't have me baby

Don't depend on me baby, finally do ya own thing baby

Ooh (I need that)

Ooh (I need that)


(I want that, want that, I want, I want that

Want that, get that, I want that

Get that, got that, I want that

I want that, want that, I want, I want that)

[Chorus 2x]

[Outro Lil' Kim (Kiely)]

(Uh-huh) 3LW (I... want... that... uh-huh)

Get on ya feet boi


I Need That (I Want That) / 3LW

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