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Christmas In Tha Hood

[Verse 1:]

Guess who rolled up? Big S with the D rolled up

Girls jockin so the G's loc up, know what, Santa ain't playin that stuff

See, Santa steady ridin on them scrubs for Xmas

Sleigh stay flyin on them dubbs and switches

He's vicious, gear on point and iced out

When Santa hit the floor ya know it's lights out

From the West to the East up North and down South it

Ghetto Santa Claus is bout it

3L dub so throw ya hands up for me

You know wassup, get yo dance on home cuz


We bout to get the shhhhh started

We given you just what you wanted

From yo block to my block, we gonna keep it hot

It's Xmas in the hood

Ghetto Xmas lights flickin

Police ain't even round trippin

From yo block to my block, we gonna make it hot

It's Xmas in the hood


It's going down fa sho

Ghetto Santa Claus is at the door

I'ma get mine, you get yours

Xmas in the ghetto yo

[Verse 2:]

Yo today, I gotta fat knot, in my stash box

And from this block to that block, they be like that's hot

Santa hit the jackpot, seen him in the rag-top

Flossin, tossin toys at us have-nots

3L dub and tell it best to from Dirty Jerz to L.E.S.

You'd never guess who I seen on the dance floor up in the mix

Santa Claus for the cause with a thousand chicks

I'm like Nick, tell me what you gots for me, we in the hood where it's good

Like it oughts to be, havin the time of my life too

I gots to be back home with my peeps that's the spot for me cuz

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]

Celebrating from the West to East coastin'

I stay posted, this is for my people on the block with toastaz

My down home hotties hold it down you know this

The goody goodies got no time to notice

How we get down from my town to your town

L.A. to the Bricks, V.A. and back down

We clownin while we downin egg nog by the case

50 ain't trippin today about your case

Ain't nobody stressin turkey and dressing

At the table with the fam thankin God for the blessings

It's all good from the grimey to the meadow

It ain't nothing like Xmas in the ghetto, holla back


Christmas In Tha Hood / 3LW

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