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I got a room where I can breathe

I got a view no one else can see

Everybody here knows just what's right for me

Don't have to worry, the Doctor's always in

I'm never lonely, I'm here with all my friends


In Chattahoochee, I'm not crazy

Chattahoochee, I'm just lazy

Chattahoochee, Found my home

In Chattahoochee.

Out on the outside they sweat to pay the rent

While we play cards, they say we ain't got no sense

They think they have a good time

Blowin' somethin' up their nose

Their corporate ladder can kill you it's so high

While it's a party, here on the other side


Who's to say who's crazy, It's easy to see

All you gotta do is turn on your T.V.

All the people on the outside tryin' to be someone else

I'm havin' fun here just bein' myself, in Chattahoochee.

They brought me here and said,"You're so dangerous to youself"

But I ain't the one here 'bout to blow us all to hell

Just here to have a good time, let me know how it goes

Don't have to worry, the Doctor's always in

I'd rather be here with all of my friends

38 Special

Chattahoochee / 38 Special

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