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Reconsider Everything (1)

How many times will they do the same thing?

How do they get programmed to your following?

Everyone's locked up in, in their suffering

The only way you can tell is Reconsider Everything.

What if the truth is that there is no truth?

The only thing I can prove is there is no proof.

Don't be so sure that the source is correct

People believe it before, before they check

How many times can they tell you?

Do you just give them their way?

How many times can they say it to you, that they'll never take

Everytime you will ignore your

Heart it will come back twice more

Never deny your own instinct, Reconsider Everything

Everybody has something to control

Something you just wanna grasp so that it won't go

Either way you can feel good or feel low

Taking you down real fast or real slow

Revealing none, for it's so insane

Just not a true free thing for me

To go again for it's so insane

You're still controlled by the cords at the other ending

Reconsider everything x 7


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