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 311 311Американская альтернатив-группа


You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life

Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you

Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief

That steals that jaded necklace that you're always wearing

I'd take that thing and with my knive I'd start pairing so

Chop chop piece piece and send it to the raiders of LA

There are so many this land of plenty

The things we lack straight square within our grasp

Ever you do ever you think

Whether you're brown or you're pink

I think not thinkings better bout it

When you stop to think

The jaded ones will wither

While the optimistic grow

I settle that a bet will let a large amount

So indulge me just for a minute imagine no one holdin out

All trying for peace my brothers down

Some others down it happens slow

think you should know the direction that the world go peace

They number six to make them feel like men

They one up us cuz we're much to much for them

OK the method to the mischeifs over there then

Sike shazam we strike with the lightnin

Through space we move and emit an ill tracer

We're set to light your world kid we're your maker

Check it our karma plus the avant garder

Style of out sect wise to ways comes to wreck

While the masses mill around curse in anguish

311 stompin' em down with the quickness

We see all the crews that be comin' around

Like a drive through Estes park you savor the sun

But when the clouds come make animals


Six / 311

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