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Omaha Stylee

In a minute everything you have can all be straight gone

In a minute things you though were tied can come straight undone

How about some knocks on wood some so far it's so good any day

What you think is solid earth can jump up and spread out

To the north and south that's what plates are about

Nature has no conscience no kindness or ill will

The dreams they had make me sad because of the vides of them

When one girl dreamt a fire in hers and then it happened

To me and my family my bro's and I were driving

The RV bleeding flames us leaping through fire surviving

Zoned with no home there was fire all on it

Umm let me have my life I want it

I'm gonna let you know that I said

We're coming in kill we're coming chill

We've comin in how we will

Gone to tell the whole world what's the deal

And I say know no critical boarder cuz

We do what we want

Got more funky styles that my laser jet got font

Not one to get over sounding like the norm

Friendly to the radio all that shit is corn

All we coming with is a little bit of swing

And we go on like it ain't no thing

Omaha stylee did not think there was one

Where you know the radios weak and the shows are more fun

But you know we fuck up the dance since 1988

Many did not think when they hear that we come from this state

Still we're down like that x3

Makin the funk that smells of skunk

Such occasions occur back in the day

It begins you're a raw kid all the way

Son of a gun but they you drifted

All are endowed but few are gifted

At the break of dawn behaving like a spy

Lampin in the light the cold world awakens

Deeper is the light to open up the sky

Look into my eyes see the dialatin'

Omaha Stylee is the shit we come with man

Embedded in out souls it breathes out from this band We always knew that we could

Thank you if you too felt we would

We will arise explore these worlds and find the grass roots

How to crew to do the grinding of the grounds to brew

My dude on the one come off like Teflon

Rock your shit and you will rise on

If you're a farmer outstanding in your field say

Do as you will do as you wish follow your bliss say

We travel round the world giving it our best

Like to see the people dancing and bouncing and the rest

The hammer and the chisel and the rule it compass

We forged the sword chariots of war our battle ax

There's much power in anger but loves a bigger banger

Complete props to my crew this is what we do


Omaha Stylee / 311

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