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Offbeat Bare Ass

Music: Sexton/Hexum/Wills; Lyrics: Hexum/Martinez

Any different people can apply to drop the funk

It's not a country club review board steady talkin junk

Many people would have it others go put and grab it

Some trip over toots and say fuck it I'm sunk

I put it in a limerick and kick the slick nick verbs

I am the one who scores the herb

When we're on the road P-Nut rolls it up

Throw me a joint on stage what's up

I will tell a cop that I know my fucking rights

And we can match wits all night for real

He said if I had nothing to hide

Then of course I wouldn't mind if he looked through our ride

Uh, no I'd really rather you didn't

And no we don't have guns hidden

We stood there for a while continue to decline

Firmly, I didn't lose my mind

I didn't let him break me he's just another human

Not a bit of shame in what we were doin' that day

He couldn't make us stay

We had our shit together

It don't matter whether

We sport the dread locks or a shaved head

Or if we have a sticker from the dead

I said a better verse rehearsed about the roughneck curse

Last week I keep an even keel and bow in place

And face the music every minute

Never could see my homey comin' till he passed

Funky gas by my way all the day I couldn't laugh

Oh by now I'm chill with it

Bare ass in my face I'm ok but Chad's like "Uh-uh no he isn't"

So I proceed to hear him get loose with the

Fartin' all over my face sometimes my tummy

He fucked with my flow although I thought it funny

I probably wouldn't care if I smoked more kind bud

But that wouldn't do me shit cuz then he'd fuck me more up

Crazy ill and chillin' rude but I'ze a real cool dude

He didn't believe the day would come when he would get his top

But then one day right in front of his face I got him

He looked over said "God damn get me some water"

The one time I hadn't wasted till I got mine

Smeared his nose with my armpit funk slime

So you get it the picture just how sick we were then

But before I jet "Hey yo Chad sniff my finger man"

I can see a lot of people who feel like I do

I can see a lot of people who feel like I don't

I go on step lightly even when I'm heavy

High jump the slump open up fot eh Revy Horton Heat

Sweet what am I displayin' forgot what I was saying

I know I must be laying a pipe you got a gripe

With the way I get high

Graffix bong sing along with a cry of a

Mandatory sentence for a crime with no victim

When everyone knows jail terms should be picked in

Order of the pain that they cause

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

Until you violate the rights of another

Respect the space of your sister and your brother

The war on drugs may be well intentioned

But it falls fucking flat when you stop and mention

The overcrowded prisons where a rapists gets paroled

To make room for a dude who has sold

A pound of weed to me that's a crime

Here's to good people doin time y'all

Bare Ass Yeah x4


Offbeat Bare Ass / 311

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