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 311 311Американская альтернатив-группа


Now I know, fools get their own when they chit chat

Haven't heard yet but you can bet I'm not with that

With that talk with the digi walk

I stalk a bird you heard absurd word to the Fact

I'm a cat nippin sippin on the flask

Passin it talking shit but only if your ass

In front of me cause you could run from me but

In the end revenge send ends to the defendant

I can't get get caught in the spiral cause every bit of energy

It goes to my survival out my way

I'm a flicka flacka blotter ya try to find a weakness

But the shit keeps gettin harder

Fourth of July with Lucy in Sky

I remember pine trees and the coat of many colors

I was nineteen

I'd do anything

Shit like that now scares me but I'd like to do it again

It was Independence day

I've seen the other side and I say

I've been insane

And I won't ever be the same

Cuz we flow we must be fly

First to flow Nickel my brother, so wise

And then I rise

Here's an ill kid pimpin' cuz he is so slick

Step's from darkness his body electric

A drone buzzes the air a cracklin' tone

Then boomin' like thunder in a cosmic jungle

Deathe defyin; like Knievel he weeble

Words that will wobble awkward and evil

Cuz he flow and rock the hardest of the crowds

A marvel pow how you like me now

I've returned the kiss of death the last Damien

From the abyss fresh eternal alien

Now famished from pathless way I ma, do damage

To the wack MC's I know you can't stand this

Right about now get down I'm the annihilator

Rockin with the rhythm of my rhyme detonator


Homebrew / 311

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