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You know we pepper you with a sonic assault

Side step a you I cannot think of a better way

That we could celebrate freedom

Than make up a set of goals and cold beat 'em

See dumb verbal tags like audio spaghetti

Give a shout to the one they call Yeti

I bet he put the cabash on any foes whatsoever

Like original brodel Trevor

Positive vibe merchant grandson of Lord Buckley

Scotish Ralston shows up if you're lucky

Ad Raspler the swede, a friend in deed

He's keeping an eye on the other guy's greed

These are 311 characters I dubbed everyone

The story ain't over but my rhyme is done

Dig it, it was the year that I first touched ground

So I grabbed the microphone and I got down

Just like James Brown, gather round of our sight and sound

Pound for pound we throw down, rather profound

I put you in another world, I can't hear you

Like having phone sex with a deaf girl

No doubt we got the jams that'll smack ya

I penned three books of lyrics two for action one for backup

Cuz I'm a cold rockin' brother, got transistor tunes

And it feels real good to get close to you

The brodel is the nazz and the nazz knows where it's at

The brodel is the nazz who knows a cat who can feed a cat

The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter

To be one who loves to be one who works

The nazz not something that can be given

The brodel is inside you it comes from within

When I fell into the sea, when the world came and kissed me

Transformed my shit, told the shark I was a dolphin

Swam quick, funny though, piranhas chilled and laughed at

The way that I took off my polka dots

On top of that the wales know I'm quick, watch out

And I get funky fresh, as for the fishes, I'm lit luminous

I'm not nouveau techno, I glow like a glacial

In skin that swims faster than speed

I am I be dropped out of nothing I will return to nothing

Rotate my style my rhyme, my way magician of a rythm

Lover of animals, damn, I wanna hear 'em

Aquatic my way I got soul shape

Well I'm 6 foot 3 and like Mohammed Ali

I float like a butterfly then sting like poison ivy

Drive a 69 lincoln suicide doors

Around the town I'm slinking fat subs of course

We're the greatest show on earth, you know we turn it out daily

In and out of town, like Barnum and Bailey

I know that is a simile but I couldn't resist

From Solomon Roadie for the PJ's, I don't think he'll be pissed

I eat a cobb salad, smoked fish, duck, or clam chowder

Chill with Indica and Guinness, steer clear of white powder

I run into my brother give him a pound and a yodel

They know my word is bond, talkin' bout the brodels


And we're fresh dude, just check my man P

He said I will not muddle my mind with impertinency

Lost a lot in vegas, plays a lot of Sega

Saw a phrase that he liked and put it on his leg

And we're fresh dude, just check my man D

He said, comin' in rough and tough all systems are tweakin'

People all over the world, they must be thinkin'

All the shit that we kickin', our shoes must be stinkin


Brodels / 311

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