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Тупак Шакур Тупак ШакурАмериканский музыкант, пионер гангста-рэпа, актер, продюсер


Roll me a cigarette dog!

They got me feelin crazier than a motha fucka.

I got bad ass in this motha fucka.

Puffin on life.

Hopin that it gets me high.

(Makaveli the don, representin the outlaws.)

They got a nigga goin crazy.

(Bad ass representin the LBC)

(What cha wanna do. You know how we do.

Time goes by.

Puffin on life.

Hopin that it gets me high.

They got a nigga goin crazy.

Feelin crazy.

(Tell em bout it.)

Last year was hard.

But life goes on.

Hold my head against the wall.

Learn the right from wrong.

They say my ghetto intrumental,

Dextrimental to kids.

As if they can't see the misery in which they live.

Blame me, for the outcome, damn I'm reckless.

Check it. You don't have to bump this but please respect it.

I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us.

Turned into a plus, now they stuck livin blinded.

Hennessy got me feelin bad. Time to stop drinkin.

Rollin in my drop top Jag.

What's that cops thinkin?

Sittin in my car watch the stars and smoke.

I came along way but still I got so far to go.

Dear mama, don't worry. I'm a watch for snakes.

They'll set you that a lover. But it's hard today.

I got the letter that she sent me and I cryed for weeks.

This one came out when I tryed to speak.

All I heard was:

Chorus repeats


I see blodds and crips runnin up the hill.

Lookin for a better way.

My brothas and sistas it's time to bail

Cuz even thug niggas pray.

Hopin God hear me.

I entered the game. Look how much I change.

I'm no longer innocent. Casualties of fame.

Made alot of money, seen alot of places.

And I swear I seen a peaceful smile on my mamac12

Тупак Шакур

Krazy / Тупак Шакур

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