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Fuck Friendz

Intro -

(Pac laughs)

Live from the crazy house;

yo that nigga crazy as hell;

you heard that shit nigga?;

live from the crazy house;

yo that nigga crazy;

my ghetto love song;

(set it off, set it off, let's be friends);

(where my niggaz at, where my niggaz at, all my real niggaz throw your muthafuckin' hands up);

(c'mon, let's go, let's go, that's how you do it);

(throw your hands in the air let me see you just throw your hands in the air)

westside in this muthafucka right here;


1st Verse -

approach you and post a minute;

arm on my double-R tinted;

as you pass by, winking my eye, freshly scented;

what's the haps baby?;

come get with me and perhaps lady you can help me multiply my stacks baby;

currency seems small I need companionship;

through with that scandalous shit;

i bet your man ain't shit;

so why you hesitatin' actin like your shit don't stink;

check out my diamonds bitch every one go bling;

this be a thug thang outlaw nigga with riches;

cream dreamin' muthafucka on a mash for bitches;

check my resume';

sippin' on crysta-l and alize; (spelling)

smokin' on big weed;

keyed the cali way;

don't like trickin' but i'll buy you a 'fit; (outfit)

I can't stand no sneaker wearin' nappy-haired bitch;

let my pedigree breed briefly;

the sole chief puttin' bitch made bustas to sleep with no grief;

mash on my so-called comp; (competition)

who da man while I'm tuggin' on your main bitch hand?; (westside)

understand this ain't no nigga like me;

fuck Jay-Z he broke and I smoke daily;

baby let's be friends;

Hook 1 -


let's be frie

Тупак Шакур

Fuck Friendz / Тупак Шакур

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