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Never B Peace


Now of course I want peace on the streets but realistically painting perfect

pictures ain't never work my misery was so deep couldn't sleep through all my

pressures and my quest for cash I learned fast using violent measures memories

of adolescent years there was unity but after puberty we brought war to our

community so many bodies dropping it's got to stop I want to help but still I'm

stepping keeping my weapon must protect myself the promise of a better tomorrow

ain't never reach me plus my teachers were to petrified in class to teach me

sipping thunderbird and grape koolaid calling earl since my stomach was empty

it seduced me to fuck the world watch my little homies lose there childhoods to

guns nobody cries no more cause we all die for fun so why you ask me if I want

peace if you can't grant it niggas fighting across the whole planet so we can

never be peace will there ever be peace or are we all just headed for doom

still consumed by the peace and I'll know there'll never be peace that's why I

keep my pistol when I walk the streets cause there can never be peace


No time to rest they stressed out I can't remember the days my homies was here

now a days we live in fear the struggle's still here so now who's grabbing

their strap who's getting buck wild representing the generation of killers when

I was a child had many dreams but reality kept me and my homies stressing

trying to raise my baby girl to be the strongest know when I'm doing wrongest I

never had a bright day just drunkless smoking blunts and getting faded wishing

my partner made it if it was peace or just reciepts I know there will never be

all my tears were shed when I lost my homie number 3 it's getting harder to see

Тупак Шакур

Never B Peace / Тупак Шакур

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