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Running On E



If you a bad boy

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

If you a bad boy then you die

Westside outlawz when we ride, get me high

They fucked up when the rob me

Put another contract on Mobb Deep

[Hussein Fatal]

I focus my locus thought on my enemies

Sip off the Hennessey it's necessary to finish me

I'm in this social immortal when it comes to the phone book

Jersey them niggas they think I'm crazy and creepy

And as we speak they tryin to find me a therapist

Rapid fire I clap and hire till you die a liar

Strap in back to the corners droppin on to spin the tires

My man define ya 357 anaconda

This enough to bring your mama then turn around and hear the drama

Havoc I gotta have it steady blastin at Prodigy

Mobb 6 feet deep you try to blast me till death

And I suppose you got the dopest moves like Chucky on fresh

You know the verdict, who what when why he died murdered

Get your physical diverted and your vision deserted


Ever since mama got fucked and papa ducked out

Look at us murderous thugs showin less love in the drug house

Similar to savage it's a wonder we manage

Bring chaos causin damage on our quest for cabbage

They ask my style similar to cash we flaunt it

Most wanted by the population murdered you for it

Exploit your weakness revenge flow deep without release

Criminal orders across the waters bringin the war to the streets

Why fear me, fear the shit I speak

Once this shit drop it's heard on every fuckin street

like the sound of police who run the street really

And every hood let you grow

from the hustlaz up at Harlem to the shot callers in O'

And though, Congress, don't want us to progress our st

Тупак Шакур

Running On E / Тупак Шакур

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