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World Wide Mob Figgaz


Uhh.. world wide mob figgaz..

World wide mob figgaz.. we world wide mob figgaz

World wide mob figgaz.. (check game you little young punk)

We world wide mob figgaz.. (all you niggaz is jealous cats)

[Verse One: E.D.I. Amin]

What, what? Uhh, put them hands up

Rich niggaz throw the grands up, and what?

I got a plot to get what's mine in the nine nine

It's my time motherfucker try to stop it gon' see nine nines

(??) that's all I see when I open up

Baby girl, fuckin you now before I blow up

You know what? I seen your kind before, high saditty

but really like it raw in the closet

Like the rider type of whore, by the shore, I could (?) trick on her

But I'm collectin these vicks when I put the dick on her

O.U.T., L.A.W.Z.

You fuckin with a nigga livin destructively, pump and pee

Tuckin T's up in the house when I jump on

I'm tryin to handle my business full grown

This shit is on, it's gettin crazy after dark

Where the real thug niggaz here you are

We world wide mob figgaz

[Chorus - Young Noble: repeat 2X]

We got homies on the front line livin it up

We got ladies in the back straight givin it up

It ain't nothin but a thug thang

World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang

World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..

World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..

[Verse Two: Napoleon]

Nigga duck down bust first, make 'em feel somethin

Shouldn't shot your gun if you ain't kill nuttin

Now you gotta face the death man got flow heavily armed

Outlawz did that, heavily gone

Took a ride with the left of us, best of us

Plus we wake up with our tec on us

We test yo' nuts in a heartbeat, sleep on the

Тупак Шакур

World Wide Mob Figgaz / Тупак Шакур

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