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"Suddenly I see, some niggaz that I don't like" -> Ice Cube

*machine gun fires* "Got him!" -> Dr. Dre


A smokin ass nigga robbed me blind

I got a tech nine now his smokin ass is mine

I guess I felt sorry for the bastard, he was broke

I didn't know he smoked so I didn't watch him close

He caught me on the sneak tip, now the punk's in deep shit

Catch him on the streets, I'ma bring him to his feet, quick

Pass the clip, I think I see him comin now

Fuck the bullshit, posse deep and let's run him down

Gots to be the first one to hit ya when we meet

Comin quickly up the streets, is the punk ass police

The first one jumped out and said, "Freeze!"

I popped him in his knees and shot him, punk.. please..

Cause cops should mind they business, when we rush

Now you're pleadin like a bitch, cause you don't know how to.. hush..

Now back to the smoker that robbed me

I tell you like Latifah, motherfucker give me.. body..

One to the chest, another to his fuckin dome

Now the shit can rest, yo tell him to leave me the fuck alone

Two very bloody bodies on the streets

A nosey ass cop and a nigga that robbed from me

Run from your backup punk, how you figure?

My finger's on the trigger for you crooked ass niggaz

[Pac]Crooked ass niggaz

[Eazy]Criminal behaviour.. criminal.. criminal behaviour

[Cube]Suddenly I see..



Now listen to the mack of the crooked nigga trade

With the fine criminal mind, cold rips like a blade

It's already quick steppin to the niggaz with the props

and any motherfucker with the flim-flam drops to the knot

Ten o'clock, is a motherfuckin gank move

Stretch is Uptown, clockin weight the shit is real smooth

A n

Тупак Шакур

Crooked / Тупак Шакур

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