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They claim that I'm violent, just cause I refuse to be silent

These hypocrites are havin fits, cause I'm not buyin it

Defyin it, envious because I will rebel against

any oppressor, and this is known as self defense

I show no mercy, they claim that I'm the lunatic

But when the shit gets thick, I'm the one you go and get

Don't look confused, the truth is so plain to see

Cause I'm the nigga that you sell-outs are ashamed to be

In every Jeep and every car, brothers stomp this

I'm Never Ignorant, Getting Goals Accomplished

The underground railroad on an uprise

This time the truth's gettin told, heard enough lies

I told em fight back, attack on society

If this is violence, then violent's what I gotta be

If you investigate you'll find out where it's comin from

Look through our history, America's the violent one

Unlock my brain, break the chains of your misery

This time the payback for evil shit you did to me

They call me militant, racist cause I will resist

You wanna censor somethin, motherfucker censor this!

My words are weapons, and I'm steppin to the silent

Wakin up the masses, but you, claim that I'm violent

Chorus: 1st occurance: as written

2nd occurance: add last three lines again

3rd occurance: repeat first five lines twice

4th occurance: repeat first five lines twice

5th occurance: second to fifth line, first to fifth line

6th occurance: emphasis on second line, whole chorus

7th occurance: first three lines only

"They claimin that I'm violent" -> Chuck D (cut and scratched)

"Fuck the damn cop!" (cut and scratched)

"Just because we play what the people want.."

"They claimin that I'm violent" -> Chuck D (cut and scratched)

"Fuck the damn

Тупак Шакур

Violent / Тупак Шакур

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