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No More Pain

Intro: 2Pac

Hey DeVante

Nigga, don'tcha know we're gonna sow up every bitch in the country

Me and you, up in the same motherfuckin room

On the same level

This shit here, hahahaha

Please, no more pain

That's right nigga

Hey drop that shit boy

Verse One: 2Pac

My adversaries cry like hoes fully eradicate my foes

My lyrics explode on contact, gamin you hoes

Who else but Mama's only son, fuck the phony niggaz I'm the one

Say my name, watch bitches come, now fire

when ready, stay watchin now figure, increase speed

Make you motherfuckers bleed from your mouth quicker

Plus all these niggaz that you run with, be on some dumb shit

Trick on the hoes, I ain't the one bitch

Holla my name and witness game official, it's so sick

Have every single bitch that came witchu, on my dick

Plus this alcohol increases the chance to be deceased

I'm movin you stupid bitches, vicious telekenesis

Am I reachin your brain? Nigga how can I explain?

How vicious this Thug motherfucker came

When I die, I wanna be a livin legend, say my name

Affiliated with this motherfuckin game, with no more pain

Chorus: (interpretation of Method Man's "Bring the Pain")

I came to bring the pain, hardcore to the brain

Let's go inside my astral plane (no more pain *variations*)

(repeat 4X)

Verse Two: 2Pac

Line up my adversaries, blast on sight, and fuck your boyfriend

Bitch, I want some ass tonight, you know my steelo

Alize and Cristal, weed sure you heard of all the

sure you've heard of all the freaky shit they say about me, huh

Plus all you busters is jealous, pull your gun out and blast

I dare you niggaz to open fire, I'll murder that ass

And d

Тупак Шакур

No More Pain / Тупак Шакур

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