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Thug Passion

Intro: 2Pac

Aight, new drink

one part alazhay one part chrystal

Thugs Passion baby

y'all know what time it is

This drink is Gauranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard

now if ya with me

Pour a glass and drink with a nigga

know what I mean ?

I ain't trying to turn you all niggas into alcholics

Alcholics [ha ha]

I'm just trying to turn you into muthafuckin thugs

So come and get some of this thug passion Baby

Verse One: Dramacydal

I could pull out the drink

and be good 'till it's relavent but

I'm a straight solider, I'll roll up a nigga

like its Heaven sent

Tripping over dead presidents

they got these derelicts

I throw was down with this business

Tryin' clown and get a cent

and so rather

than stand forever, been thinking

drinking over a felony

and hell of me and how it will be some other shit

People telling me to cool out

But they ain't feeling me

a mutha fuckin fool 'bout

my fuckin cheddar cheese

and it pleases, passion of mine

Thuggin huggin plenty of G's

and laughing while I pass through times

And all thes back stabbers be watchin

Just keep it plain

I'm a keep it the same partner

Just take it the simple game

I can pinkle with the rain twinkling

diamonds and thangs go plinklin

enough to hold me, til' I'm, old and wrinklin

and These adversaries

they gonna have to be worrying

cuz I'm a be illing

Fufillin my Passion

Till I'm burryin'

My Thug Passion

Chorus: Jewell

I heard it's the bomb

and you got it going on

give me some of your Thug Passion Babby

You got me dripping wet

from the way you make me sweat

Тупак Шакур

Thug Passion / Тупак Шакур

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