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When We Ride


Outlaw Immortalz

Bow down to somethin greater than yourself trick

Individuals capable of enormous amounts of chin checks and eye swolls

They know

You watchin but you ain't seein what lies before you, beatch

Picture if you will seven deadly human beings

blessed with the gift of speech, the power to reach

each nigga on every street

May the Heavenly Father look down and be proud

of what transpired since the day the seed was planted

The G grew but we knew he'd rise up quick

Smoked out, loc'ed out, all into shit

Just me and my dogs livin like hogs

Outlaw Immortalz

What follows is the story, what proceeded was the glue

What lies between is the fiction

Don't fuck around and make it true



My adversaries crumble when we rumble it's a catastrophe

I pull revenge on bitch niggaz that blasted me

Plus my alias is Makaveli

A loaded three-fifty-seven with hollow points to a nigga belly

Bust him to see if he bleed, he shoulda never fucked around

with a sick-ass nigga like me

They call my name out and niggaz run, best be prepared

for the Outlawz, here we come

[Hussein Fatal]

They call me Hussein Fatal, it's a two game table

I'm robbin ya niggaz cradle wit a knife in your navel

Rap-related criminally activated and evil

I wouldn't wanna be you behind my fuckin Desert Eagle

Till the end, I'm tellin all friends and enemies

You see what I got to make you freeze, to touch me you need ten of these

Complete most, wanted on the streets of the East coast

Young Gunz fire and niggaz bleed, I see Mo


I be shinin like white diamonds and crystal, glistenin holdin pistols

The mission's simple, fold up and roll up d

Тупак Шакур

When We Ride / Тупак Шакур

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