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Major! Hell motherfuckin yeah

This one goes out to my nigga Mike Coolin, hell yeah

Mama raised a hellrazor... born thuggin

Heartless and mean, muggin at sixteen

On the scene watchin fiends buggin

Kickin up dust with the older G's

Soakin up the game that was told to me

I ain't never touched a gat that I couldn't shoot, I learned

not to trust the bitch from the prostitutes, was taught lessons

A young nigga askin questions while other suckers was guessin

I was ganked for sexin

Elementary wasn't meant for me, can't regret it

I'm headed for the penitentiary, I'm cuttin class

and I'm buckin blastin, straight mashin

Mobbin through the overpass laughin

While these other motherfuckers try to figure out, no doubt

They jealous of a nigga's clout, tell me Lord

Can ya feel me? I keep my finger in the trigger

Cause some nigga tried to kill me

and mama raised a hellraizor, everyday gettin paid

Police on my pager, straight stressin

A fugitive my occupation is under question

Wanted for investigation, and even though

I'm marked for death, I'ma spark til I lose my breath

Motherfuckers, every time I see the paper

I see my picture, when a nigga's gettin richer

They come to get ya, it's like a motherfuckin trap

And they wonder why it's hard bein black

Dear Lord can ya feel me, gettin major, unhh

[Chorus: Stretch]

Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major

Lord be my savior, unnh

[Repeat 4X]

Mama raised a hellrazor

[2Pac] Dear Lord can ya feel me

Stress gettin major, unnh

Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major

Tell me Lord can ya feel me, show a sign

Damn near running outta time, everybody's dyin

Mama raised a hellrazor, can'

Тупак Шакур

Hellrazor / Тупак Шакур

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