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Im Losing It

Straight out the motherfucking bay

Here we go


Lord help me, save me, Mama keep praying

For a young motherfucker trying to duck an early grave

In the city where ya can't tell the snakes from the fakes

Fakes from the phonies, enemies of homies

Around the corner there's another nigga waiting to jack

He don't know I got a glock 'til his ass get shot

Like a motherfucking thug disease

Craving beats like they motherfucking drugs to me, hey

What's up with bitches trying to screw me? Do me cause I did a movie

Throw the pussy to me but before they never knew me

Rather die then let ya play me for a, buster

And with my glock I'm a plotting ass rotten motherfucker, huh

Don't let the movie fool ya, let me school ya

Screaming Thug Life nigga when I do ya

I'm going crazy, getting dizzy

And then I suffacate a motherfucking breather bring me back

I'm telling ya I'm losing it


Said I'm losing my mind

Losing my mind

[ X4 ]

[Big Syke]

I'm going crazy, niggas can't fade me

On the real I kill when I step to ya fucking grill

So let me kick it let me flip it let me get wicked

I'm not a buster from the hood selling whooped tickets

I hang with G's flipping keys and smoking weed

I get the cash and dash and never learn to read

So fuck a bitch fuck a hoe and I let ya know

Because they come and go like the wind blows

What am I giving how I'm living what I'm giving up

You can take my life and I don't give a fuck

Cause I'm the trouble most coming from the west coast

Where the niggas is banging 'til the overdose

Killers and murderers, psychos and lunatics

Nobody knows what makes my mind click

Is it the demons, scre

Тупак Шакур

Im Losing It / Тупак Шакур

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