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Ready 4 Whatever

(Rule number one... niggaz die, daily, hahahaha)

Hear me! Boo-yaow!

(Ready for whatever, hell yeah

What type nigga be a Thug Life nigga?

Them Thug Life niggaz be the craziest -- run up nigga!)


There's no way to survive in the city it's a shame

Niggaz die from my hollow-point bullet to the brain

Will I survive or will I die is what I wonder

Puffin on blunts and gettin drunk to keep from goin under

Gettin lost in the madness, blunted gettin tipsy

Got my pistol out the window screamin, "Lord come and get me"

Am I sick, or am I just another victim?

Unloadin my clip, I'm watchin every bullet spit when I kick em

Niggaz die from automatic gunfire

Your time to expire, nobody cry every man gotta die

When they bury me, they bury me a G

Rest in peace, to all the homies got to heaven before me

Pour some liquor on the curb for the niggaz that's caught

Had a motherfuckin ward but he didn't go to court

God damn, and one day we'll all be together

Until then I'm ready for whatever, c'mon

(Yeah, niggaz movin somethin in the nine-trey

It's all about makin money, gettin yours

And knockin coppers off the motherfuckin planet

Word to the motherfuckin nine nigga

We gonna make this motherfucker ours

If they don't feel me, they gon kill me

So Syke, get skanless nigga)

[Big Syke]

Am I going to Hell or will I reach Heav-en? (hell naw)

After all this shit I did with my Mac-11

Did I sell my soul? Mama woulda saved me

That's the way that daddy raised me

Oh God, help me I'm losin it

So fuck it! Take me I'm doin it!

I need to change and look for a better way

I got a hundred round clip to my AK

Commitin sins I might die in vain

So fuck it!

Тупак Шакур

Ready 4 Whatever / Тупак Шакур

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