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Toss It Up


The money behind the dreams

My right hand, my other Capo in this big motherfuckin war we got

My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row

Snoop motherfuckin Dogg, Tha Doggfather

And who he comin through right now, Makaveli the Don

Feel this, Killuminati

(Toss it up!)

Lord have mercy, father help us all

Since you supllied yo' phone number, I can't help but call

Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin, kickin back

Got you curious for Thug Passion, now picture that

Tongue kissin, hand full of hair, look in my eyes

Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise

Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room

Sweatin up the sheets, it's the Thug in me

I mean no disrespectin when I tongue kiss your neck

I go a long way to get you wet, what you expect

Late night, hit the highway, drop the top

I pull over, gettin busy in the parking lot

And don't you love it how I lick your, hips and glide

Kiss you soft on your stomach, push my love inside

Got ya lost in a love zone, stuck in the lust

I got the bedroom shakin back-breakin when we're tossin it up

[K-Ci, JoJo]

In this baby, I like the way it's goin down

When all that is around, slip slide ride

Givin me love nice like

Female I like, what I wanna give all night

You and me alone everybody's gone toss it up

Baby let's, get it on!

I like the way you please me, babe

The sexy way you tease me, sugar

The way you move your body

It really drives me crazy

Your body hypnotizing, your smell is so exciting

So baby come on home with me, I like the way you give it to me!

Chorus: K-Ci, JoJo

I like the way you give it to me -- let me see you toss it up

(repeat 4X w vari

Тупак Шакур

Toss It Up / Тупак Шакур

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