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Fuck Friends

oh, who hoo hoo

live from the crazy house

you heard that shit nigga

live from the crazy house

yo that nigga be crazy as hell

(hey yo, what you doing with that big ass nigga anyway ?)

my ghetto love song

(set it off, set it off)

lets be friends

mixed together:

(where my niggaz at, where my niggaz, where my niggaz, where my niggaz, where my niggaz at)

(where my real niggaz at, all my real niggaz, throw you mother fucking hands up)

(c'mon, lets go, lets go, lets go, lets see you throw you hands in the air, throw em, throw em, throw em)

(west side in this mother fucker right here, west side)

(throw you hands in the air, let me see you just throw you hands in the air)

[Verse 1]

approach you and posed a minute

all on my double R tinted

as you pass bye

winkin' my eye

freshly scented

what's the haps baby, look

get with me and perhaps lady

you can help me multiply my stacks baby

currency seems small I need companionship

do with that scandalous shit

I bet your man ain't shit

so why you hesitating, actin' like your shit don't stink

check out my diamonds

bitch everyone gon' blink

this be a thug thing, outlaw

nigga with riches cream dreamin' mutha fucka

on a mash for bitches

check my resume, sippin' on crystal and alize

smoking on big weed, key'd the Cali way

don't like trickin' but I'll buy you a fit

I can't stand no sneaker wearing, nappy haired bitch

let my pedigree read briefly

their so cheap

puttin bitch made bustas to sleep with no grief

mash on my so called car

who the man while I'm tuggin' on your main bitch hand

(west side)

understand this, ain't no nigga like me

fuck Jay-Z-acapo

Тупак Шакур

Fuck Friends / Тупак Шакур

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