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Happy Home

home man, hehe

yea, hey!

haha, lets turn this house into a happy home

To all the homeboys who couldnt get they happy home

Lets turn this house into a happy home

As long as one of us got it, some of us got it

Lets turn this house into a happy home

You know what that is, i'll stay down for u too, hold on

Now we've been kickin it for quite some time

Remaind beside me, through my trials and this life of crime

We divorced so many times I forgot to count

I neva hit you, I'm not a coward, ratha leave your house

Remeber back in December when we was tight?

Sippin Alize and Cristal, whylin every night, in my bedroom

Promised that I'd commit to you soon

Tongue kissed me, every time you see me step inside the room, straight out the hood

We promised to be good to each other

Plus I love you so I know u gone make a good mutha

Just try ta understand at times if i change

It's only because i neva owned anyhting thats mine

So im tryin you can stay wit mah momma, but keep da drama to a low

Neva called da police

I neva call u bitch or ho

We were all born hungry in this world alone

Finally moved out mah moms house, and got a happy home


Hap-py home (lets turn this house into a happy home)

Hap-py home (finally made it out my moms mouse, and got a happy home)

Hap-py home (turn this house into a happy home)

Hap-py home, he

We went through hard times ghetto child of mine

And i wunda if u havta suffa for your fathers crimes

To be honest its a hard road

Lets keep ya faith in God, knowin u'll get scarred tho

Look at him walkin and talkin

The little child with my eyes and mouth

Father watch out over lil seeds, help me guide them out

Had to change my whole lifestyle


Тупак Шакур

Happy Home / Тупак Шакур

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